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The Shrunks Toddler Airbed

(5 out of 5 stars from 21 Reviews)

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Dimensions60 x 37 x 9 inches
PumpExternal electric pump
Guarantee2-year warranty
Weight Capacity150 pounds

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Airbed offers a comfortable and SAFE sleeping solution for your toddler. Comparatively, it clearly wins on a number of features over other models. It is especially suited for travels due to the quick inflation and storage time. The signature sheet-tuck feature stands out in comparison so similar products.

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Shrunks Toddler Airbed Review

Do you need a flexible sleeping solution for you toddler when you are traveling? And do you want it to be safe? And do you like to full TWO year warranty to avoid buyer’s remorse? Then this model could be for you.

Based on our 50 point review scale with regard to comfort, durability, pump, storage, and design we conducted this extensive comparative review:

Shrunks Toddler Airbed Comparative Quality Review (based on peer-group analysis)

Shrunks Toddler Airbed Comparative Quality Review (based on peer-group analysis)


  • Due to the flocking on top, this airbed has a high level of comfort.
  • There are no squeaky noises and the feel is similar to a regular bed.
  • This one also stands out because of its easy tuck features, which allows for quick change of bed sheets. This fits all standard crib-sized sheets – so just use the sheets you already have at home. The signature sheet-tuck feature definitely improves the comfort and will help to make your toddler feel just like at home.
  • The level of support is specifically adjusted for toddlers and little kids.
  • The built-in guard rails don’t only increase comfort, but also safety. This makes sure that you can rest yourself at night and don’t have to worry about the safety of your toddler at night.
  • The non-toxic, lead-free material is state-of-the-art when it comes to toddler airbeds.


  • The design is simple, yet effective, and includes a number of features that make this airbed especially suitable for kids and toddlers.
  • The low height of only 9 inches makes sure that toddlers can fairly easily climb on the mattress.
  • Because of the little weight of young kids, there is no need for a raised mattress when it comes to comfort.
  • It is also safe: Even if your toddler should somehow – despite of the built-in guard rails – roll out of the mattress, the 9 inch drop will be harmless.
  • The design further includes a brown flocked top that improves sleeping comfort, even when the signature sheet-tuck feature is not used.
  • While less relevant, we also like the kids-friendly design of the branding. Especially the cute dog on the included and easy-to-use storage bag is a nice feature that shows that the manufacturer of this airbed know their customers.
  • Truly, this is a thought-out, good design that is well-adjusted to the target group.
  • We find that the multiple awards – Disney Babble Best (USA); Kind + Jugend (Germany); Faveable Beast (USA); baby & Pregnancy Awards (UK) – are well deserved.


  • This airbed includes an external electric pump.
  • There always is a trade-off between internal and external pumps. While internal pumps cannot be lost and offer some extra convenience, external pumps can easily be exchanged and repaired.
  • Due to the small size (i.e. volume) of this toddler airbed, not much power is needed for a quick inflation of the mattress. Therefore, this small and easily transportable electric pump fits quite well.
  • While the inflation time is supposed to be 30 seconds according to the manufacturer, we find that is closer to 45 seconds. But this is still VERY quick inflation.
  • The pump is also very easy and intuitively in its usage. It’s really, really easy. This is how it should always be!
Shrunks Toddler Pump

Shrunks Toddler Inflation/ Deflation Time Versus Peer-Group


  • Air mattress durability can be a major cause of concern –  However, this model is still in great shape after our extensive testing.
  • There is only very little loss of air.
  • The surface is also sufficiently puncture resistant.
  • The toddler-safe material, which contains no BPS, lead or phthalate is durable enough even for frequent travels.
  • This is also underlined by the 2-year warranty, which generates clearly positive customer’s reviews.
  • For quick fixes, there is even a repair kit included.


  • Storage is easy. The well above average deflation time makes for quick transitions. The lovingly decorated storage bag is easy to use and transport.
  • The rolled up airbed is feather light and carriage is children-friendly

What Fans Say

„Love this bed! We bought the toddler size for our two year old and it is PLENTY big for her to grow. Thanks to Prime, we had it overnighted to my grand-mothers house in time for us to arrive via airplane, after I realized I made no plans nor packed anything for her to sleep on. My grandparents (in their mid-90’s who are French speaking) opened and pumped it up for us! That being said, it’s very easy to understand/use. Then I was able to roll it up and fly it home in my suitcase which I was not expecting to have to do, but it easily fit. The only complaint I have is the storage/travel bag that the bed and pump fits into has no carry strap or anything.”

“We thought this bed would be perfect for times when our granddaughter visited us. It was so perfect that her parents soon asked if they could carry it with them on car trips to other places! (They do bring it back for visits to our house, too.) Now we have purchased a second bed for her little sister. I put a crib-sized mattress pad and fitted sheet on it.”

What Haters Say

“I’ve had this for 2 years and probably used 3x a year for my toddler. The last time I went to blow it up the entire outer ring is deflated immediately. Super bummed. This is not a cheap item to replace!”

“My toddler really enjoyed this travel bed but I question its durability. I returned my first one after it developed a leak and now my replacement has a leak after 1 use. Despite it being the perfect size and having a fast-working pump I can’t recommend this.”

Final Verdict

The Shruks toddler travel bed is one of the best in its category. The strength are clearly thought-out design in combination with very good usability. The small and functional external pump does its job without any issues. We especially like the eye for details. The manufacturers had a plan that they followed and achieved an overall great product. Critical reviews are mostly related to its durability. But the hassle-free 2 year warranty takes care of any damages due to punctures. The multiple rewards that this airbed has received are well deserved – we can recommend this one after extensive testing.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Air Bed













  • Toddleer-friendly design
  • High quality material
  • Raised edges
  • Flocked top
  • Easy storage


  • 2-year age restriction

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74,97 $ 79,00 $

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