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Giantex Air Mattress Review

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 202 Reviews)

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The Giantex Mattress Double Inflatable Raised Air Bed is a solid option for the money. For a very reasonable price you get an airbed that has many features of high-end products. For example, it includes a built-in internal electric pump that makes inflation very easy. It is especially useful for when you are traveling and therefore do not want to carry an extra external pump with you.

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Giantex Queen Air Mattress Comparative Review

The Giantex air mattress design offers many premium features. For the comparatively low price point this a good option. However, due to some deficits with regard to its durability, we are recommending some of the more premium mattresses for heavy and regular usage. If you are looking for a good-value option for your guests or travels, then this one might be for you.  As always, based on our 50-point review scale with regard to comfort, durability, pump, storage, and design we conducted this extensive comparative review:

Giantex Quality Review

Giantex Queen Quality Review versus Peer-Group

Giantex Air Mattress Comfort Rating

Due to the higher quality material and the outer perimeter construction, this airbed provides good elasticity and support. The flocking-top design creates a feel that close to a regular bed. Yet, we are still recommending the use of a bed sheet that possible extra topping, conditional on your individual preferences There can be issues with regard to losing some air overnight, which can lead to some inconveniences. This is a problem that is very common amongst the lower priced models. The raised 18.5 inches height make for easy getting in and out of bed. This also creates extra comfort. Given the very reasonable price, we find that the Giantex Queen airbed provides superior comfort in comparison to a peer group of similarly priced models

Ginatex Internal Pump Rating

The internal electric pump is a great feature for an airbed of this lower price segment. Regarding the pump, the Giantex Queen clearly differentiates itself from similar products. The pump is really quite powerful. However, if you are looking for a very quick set-up you should probably look at some of the premium models. This is a convenient and well-functioning pump with medium power. While the pump was performing just fine during our tests. But some customers have complained over long inflation times. During our tests the inflation took between 5 and 6 minutes. There are some products (at double the price) that can inflate a queen air mattress in less than 3 minutes. But with the regard to the price, this one outperforms the similar airbeds. Premium features like a built-in never flat technology are not included – thus you air loss over long-time use is very likely.

Giantex Pump

Giantex Queen Air Mattress Inflation/ Deflation Time Versus Peer-Group

Overall Durability

The durability of an airbed is truly the critical factor for many customers. And for us this is the main reason why we generally recommend more premium air beds. The Giantex Queen showed hardly any wear or tear after our test. After 3-day use, the airbed was just like new – no damages visible. Also, there was hardly any air loss. However, a number of customers did complain over insufficient durability. We find that this to be expected at this low price to some extent. It is unfortunate that there is no repair kit included to quickly fix small holes. This is a feature that we generally find very helpful and take into consideration when we rate the durability of an airbed. Comparatively, the durability is still over average due to the low price. The Giantex queen air mattress does not come with a guarantee by the manufacturer. Instead you can claim your money back via Amazon’s a to z guarantee. This covers a wide array of issues and we had very positive experiences with it so far.

Design Features:

The design of the Giantex raised queen airbed is fairly plain, but we like it. The mix of materials (90% PVC, 5% flocking and 5% plastic) is well implemented. From a visual perspective, the airbed does not make any extravagant moves, but sticks to the fundamentals – black and brown work together just fine. We believe that the combination works in most settings. The structured built-in air coils provide good stability and comfort, even for two adults sleeping on it.

Ease of Storage:

The strong point of this Giantex air mattress model is the quick and easy storage. The convenient, high quality, and stylish carry bag is very useful and makes for great transportability of the airbed. The deflation is relatively quick as well; and the deflated airbed fits nicely in the bag.

Final Verdict

The value of this Giantex air mattress in combination with a bunch of premium features is great. We find this to be one solid option when you what an inexpensive expensive-looking airbed with great transportability and superior comfort. If you are looking for an airbed for long-time and heavy use, you might want to consider some of the more expensive versions. Overall, this is a recommendation. The Giantex airbed outperforms it’s peer-group in all categories.

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60,99 $ 89,99 $

Zuletzt aktualisiert am: April 4, 2020 5:52 pm