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Air Mattresses and Air Bed pump – All you need to know

Air mattresses have been quite in the trend lately. These are easily installable due to their light weight and user-friendly packaging along with an air bed pump externally or built-in with it. Managing air mattresses can get cumbersome without a good air bed pump, when the house gets loaded with guests for a housewarming, birthday, casual house parties, sleepovers and so on.

Manual Air Bed Pump
Manual Air Bed Pump

Time for inflation

Generally, an electric air bed pump has been recorded to fill in or inflate mattresses with their capacity of a litre per minute or better known as LPM.

For example, if a pump has a capacity of three hundred litres per minute then it might inflate a certain mattress in about five to ten minutes itself whereas a pump with the standard of six hundred litres per minute may do the same work in about two to three minutes itself. These pumps vary from mattress to mattress as per their capacities.

Noise level of an Air Bed Pump

Similarly, the slight noise emitted from the pumps are the result of the piping and motor vibrations in their systems as well as brand and make of the pump. The pump needs to have all the technical and parts in place such that the mattresses are filled in efficiently and effectively.

Hence, it is recommended that one needs to purchase a pump of a good brand or make and not just go by the price and not look at its other features.

An external air mattress pump is required to be purchased only when there is an absence of a built-in air bed pump or valve for the usage.

There has been a constant debate between these two facilities recently about having an external pump outlet or a built-in pump outlet for the convenience of usage at places like the pool or campsites or any other adventure sports.

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External Air Bed Pump

External pumps are generally less expensive and are a necessarily included in lower prized air bed models. However, they generally work very well and have a long durability - just don't lose them!

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump - Queen Pillow Top - 3

Internal Air Bed Pump

Built-in air bed pumps are generally more expensive and come with premium mattresses. However, there are large differences in quality between the various air bed brands and models.

Built-in Air Bed Pump versus External Air Bed Pump

A built-in air bed pump in inflatable mattresses is being largely regarded as more convenient due to the reduced effort necessary for inflation. However, an external air bed pump might the right option, when you are concerned about maximizing the utility of the air bed in relation to its prize. Air beds with external pumps are generally less expensive and usually provide a similar level of convenience and quality with regard to sleeping on them. They might also be more lightweight and thus more easily transportable.

Advantages of a built-in air bed pump

  1. Ease of use

A built-in air pump in an inflatable mattress turns out to be an added benefit of using it indoors as well as outdoors and almost anywhere and without any source of electricity.

  1. Quick in time

A built-in air bed pump helps in quickly filling up or inflating a mattress and helps a tired body gain adequate sleep.

  1. Settings for customisation

Everybody is unique and may demand different levels of firmness of the mattress which can be achieved by adjusting the setting of the built-in pump.

  1. No fear of losing the pump

As the pump is along with the mattress and cannot be detached.

  1. No tension of leaking air from the mattress

In case that the air bed loses some of its air pressure after repeated usage, built-in air bad pumps are more convenient to refill the mattress.

Advantages of external pumps

  1. Reasonably priced as compared to the built-in featured air bed pump in mattresses.
  2. There exists no air leakage after detaching the air valve or the pump adapter.

Hence, a built-in air bed pump can be more useful than an external air bed pump for the factor of losing the pump as well as customized settings for a sound sleep.

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